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  • Märke: Tama
  • Tama HH 205 hi-hat stativ Direct Pull Action
  • Tama CB30RH Beater Head för Tama Iron Cobra om
  • HP Tama HP 200 PTW Iron Cobra dubbelkick

    HP Tama HP 200 PTW Iron Cobra dubbelkick


  • Tama LGB146-NQB

    Tama LGB146-NQB

    Tama 14"x06" Snare Drum, G-Bubinga, S.L.P -Sound Lab Project Series, LGB146-NQB Version, Finish: Natural Quilted Bubinga (NQB) in 12ply/10mm Bubingawood with one Outerply Quilted...

  • Tama HTW39W

    Tama HTW39W

    Tama HTW39W, from the Stage Master Series, Doubletomstand, Double braced leg, Omni Ball Tom angle adjustment, 3 Years extended Thomann Warranty

  • Tama HP910LSW

    Tama HP910LSW

    Tama HP910LSW Double Bass Drum Pedal, Speedcobra Series, Pedal features specially Designed Pedal Board, Recessed Pedal Board Setting, Fastball Bearing, Lite Sprocket, Projector...

  • Tama MTH900BM

    Tama MTH900BM

    Tama MTH900BM, Singletomholder for Bass Drum, 25, 4mm, 3 Years extended Thomann Warranty

  • Tama MC-5

    Tama MC-5

    Tama MC-5 Multiclamp, a clamp for connecting parts with diameters of between 9mm to 12mm together. By combining a boom arm (MCB30EN, MCB45EN) and an L-rod (LLT, LCB, LCYE), this...

  • Tama CSA35N

    Tama CSA35N

    Tama CSA35N, Cymbal Stacker for 2 Cymbals, Our new cymbal stacker is now compatible with all Tama cymbal stands, including those with Quick-set Tilters. It will work with both 6...

  • Tama MCB45EN

    Tama MCB45EN

    Tama MCB45EN, Cymbalarm long version (45cm) Diameter 12mm, with Ouick Set Tilter 3 Years extended Thomann Warranty

  • Tama HH35W

    Tama HH35W

    Tama 35W Hi-Hat Pedal, Stage Master Series, doublebraced Legs, Chain, Swivel Pedal, with a lot of Features from the Pro Series but for a cheaper Price, 3 Years extended Thomann...

  • Tama HTC707WN

    Tama HTC707WN

    Tama HTC707WN - combination stand with tom mounting and cymbal boom arm, double braced legs, adjustable tom angle (omni-ball), quick-set tilter. Boom arm length: 300mm. Base...

  • Tama HT741

    Tama HT741

    Tama HT741 Drum Thron 1st Chair Ergo Rider Series, 4 leg Version, The newly designed Ergo-Rider seat provides ergonomic comfort and support. Adjustable hight Range 510mm-730mm with...

  • Tama HT650C

    Tama HT650C

    Tama HT650C Drum Throne Round Rider Drummerseat from the 1st Chair Series, with Round Seat, Cloth Top Version, shape with lower-profile seams that allow completely unimpeded leg...

  • Tama HOW49W

    Tama HOW49W

    Tama HOW49W Octobanstand, for 4er Set, doublebraced, Road Pro Series, 3 Years extended Thomann Warranty

  • Tama LST1455

    Tama LST1455

    B-Stock, Tama 14"x5, 5" Snare Drum, Vintage Steel, S.L.P -Sound Lab Project Series, LST1455 Version, Finish: 1.2mm Steel shell, Chrome Shellhardware with Brass Tube-Lugs, Sound Arc...

  • Tama HT630C

    Tama HT630C

    Tama HT630C Round Rider Drum Seat - 1st Chair Series, round seat, cloth top version, lower-profile seams for completely unimpeded leg motion, adjustable height (50-70cm). 3 Years...

  • Tama LBR1465

    Tama LBR1465

    Tama 14"x6, 5" Snare Drum, Black Brass, S.L.P -Sound Lab Project Series, LBR1465 Version, Finish: Black Nickel plating 1.5mm Brass shell, Black Nickel Shellhardware with Starclassic...

  • Tama PMD1100A

    Tama PMD1100A

    Tama PMD1100A Power Tower Drum Rack, Additional Rack, curved pipe, 1100 mm wide, 850 mm high, 38mm diametre, 2 x J30TS cross joint bracket, 1 x J34T multi holder, 3 x A13S memory...

  • Tama LFGB1465-NLB

    Tama LFGB1465-NLB

    Tama 14"x6, 5" Snare Drum, S.L.P -Sound Lab Project Series, LFGB1465-NLB, Limited Edition, Finish: Figured Natural Birch (NLB) in 10ply/11mm birchwood, one outer ply "Figured...