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  • Tama LBR1465  

    Tama 14"x6, 5" Snare Drum, Black Brass, S.L.P -Sound Lab Project Series, LBR1465 Version, Finish: Black Nickel plating 1.5mm Brass shell, Black Nickel Shellhardware with Starclassic...

  • Tama LU1465  

    Tama LU 1465, Snare Drum "Lars Ulrich" Signature Modell, 3mm Diamant Steel, 14" x 6, 5", Die Cast Hoop 3 Years extended Thomann Warranty

  • Tama SP1455H  


  • Tama HTW739W  

    Tama HTW739W Double Tom Stand - by tilting the stand itself, the back-and-forth position of the tom toms is more easily adjusted. Nylon washers, omni-ball tom angle adjustment,...

  • Tama HT730  

    Tama HT730, Drummer Throne from the Ergo-Rider Series, Adjustable Height Range from 19"- 26 3/8", hybrid of round seat and saddle seat, Sit Tight" seat clamp securely grips, Trio...

  • Tama LGM137-STA  

    Tama 13"x07" Snare Drum, G-Maple, S.L.P -Sound Lab Project Series, LGM137-STA Version, Finish: Satin Tamo Ash (STA) in 13ply/10mm Maplewood with one Outerply Tamo Ash Veneer,...

  • Tama LGB146-NQB  

    Tama 14"x06" Snare Drum, G-Bubinga, S.L.P -Sound Lab Project Series, LGB146-NQB Version, Finish: Natural Quilted Bubinga (NQB) in 12ply/10mm Bubingawood with one Outerply Quilted...

  • Tama 7850N2H  

    Tama 7850N2H Octobans Set, High Modell, 2piecs Octobans Set, Octobans change pitch by using shell length instead of shell diameter. The 6" diameter shells can be tuned melodically...

  • Tama 7850N4L  

    Tama 7850N4L Octobans Set, Low Modell, 4piecs Octobans Set, Octobans change pitch by using shell length instead of shell diameter. The 6" diameter shells can be tuned melodically...

  • Tama MTH900BM  

    Tama MTH900BM, Singletomholder for Bass Drum, 25, 4mm, 3 Years extended Thomann Warranty

  • Tama MC-5  

    Tama MC-5 Multiclamp, a clamp for connecting parts with diameters of between 9mm to 12mm together. By combining a boom arm (MCB30EN, MCB45EN) and an L-rod (LLT, LCB, LCYE), this...

  • Tama HT530  

    Tama HT530 Drummerseat from the 1st Chair Series, with Wide Rider Seat and Leather Top, adjustable from 450mm - 640mm 3 leg Model with Sti Tight & Rocklok+ 1st Chair Height...

  • Tama CSA35N  

    Tama CSA35N, Cymbal Stacker for 2 Cymbals, Our new cymbal stacker is now compatible with all Tama cymbal stands, including those with Quick-set Tilters. It will work with both 6...

  • Tama MCB45EN  

    Tama MCB45EN, Cymbalarm long version (45cm) Diameter 12mm, with Ouick Set Tilter 3 Years extended Thomann Warranty

  • Tama HH35W  

    Tama 35W Hi-Hat Pedal, Stage Master Series, doublebraced Legs, Chain, Swivel Pedal, with a lot of Features from the Pro Series but for a cheaper Price, 3 Years extended Thomann...

  • Tama PAL146  

    Tama PAL146 Starphonic Snare Drum Bundle, Bundle containing a Aluminum Shell 14"x06" with 1, 2mm thickness Seamless Aluminum Shell, new Design in Hoops, Tunelugs and Strainer,...

  • Tama HTC707WN  

    Tama HTC707WN - combination stand with tom mounting and cymbal boom arm, double braced legs, adjustable tom angle (omni-ball), quick-set tilter. Boom arm length: 300mm. Base...

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